Understanding home downsizing and super contributions

By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia The Federal Government announced in the May Budget that it is widening the scope of the scheme allowing eligible Australians to sell their home and put extra money into their superannuation. First introduced in the 2018-19 financial year, the “downsizer measure” has provided an opportunity for … Read more

How to overcome your investment fears

By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia You’re ready to start investing, but there’s a few things holding you back. Firstly, while you have a bit of money set aside, you don’t have a lot and you’re thinking it’s probably not enough to start off with. You also don’t know a lot about … Read more

Tips for a successful private sale

A private sale can be a great alternative to an auction, potentially landing you a sale that’s perfect for your situation. We’ll help you create a plan with your agent so you can work towards the best outcome. 1. Choosing the right agent  Your agent is crucial to the outcome of your sale, so it’s … Read more

Understanding tax deductions

Understanding exactly how much of what you spend is tax deductible is crucial for understanding what you can spend on your business (and when).  People often fall into the trap of thinking that spending a dollar on tax deductible expenses or assets will save a dollar in tax. But the tax man isn’t that generous. In fact, … Read more

New financial year rings in some super changes

As the new financial year gets underway, there are some big changes to superannuation that could increase your retirement savings.  Some, like the rise in the Superannuation Guarantee (SG), will happen automatically so you won’t need to do a thing. Others, like higher contribution caps, may require some planning to get the full benefit. Whether … Read more